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  • All children deserve equal amount of happiness, hope, and opportunities for their future
  • Children should not bear the difficulties of accessing basic needs
  • Education is a pathway for a more successful and self-sustaining future
  • By assisting the families of the children, we provide a positive foundation and environment for the children to grow
  • To collaborate with other humanitarian organizations involved in providing children with food, education, medical care, and opportunities for growth and development
  • To inform, train, and assist our volunteers in the service path while having an open dialogue for future improvements and growth


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Please help us prevent deaths in Iran by donating toward the purchase of a ventilator machine for a hospital designated by our sister organization. A top quality ventilator machine costs roughly between $22,000 to $23,000.
Hospitals in Iran are now facing shortages due to the large number of patients in critical and intensive care units (ICU).
As you may already know, Iran has the third-worst outbreak following Italy and south Korea. Please help prevent deaths by donating toward this life saving machine....