Adopt a Family Program


What is “Adopt a family”?

The mission of "Adopt A Family" Program is to provide short term relief while empowering family members in becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant. This is accomplished through support and funding for housing, living expenses, healthcare, education resources, job search opportunities, and more.

  • Program Highlights
    Since its inception and along with the support of social workers, sponsors, members, and volunteers, Adopt a Family has been immensely successful. Some program highlights include:

    • Aided over 100+ families in fulfilling their various needs and aiding them in successfully graduating from the program and regaining their independence.
    • Provided safe housing for families in need while they worked towards becoming self sufficient.
    • Supported low income families in partially or fully furnishing their homes through funding provided from our donation center.
    • Supported single parent household families with children in gaining access to transportation and school supplies.


    Requirements for Qualified Families:

    • Must be referred to CHILD International by a professional social worker.
    • Families must have school age children.
    • Families’ financial condition should be below the state’s poverty level.
    • The children’s school grades should not be lower than a 3.0 or “B”.
    • Family members cannot be directly related (i.e. son, daughter, grandchildren, siblings) to any member of an “Adopt a Family Program” family.

    Sponsorship Information

    Interested in helping these families? You can help transform the lives of these families and make a real difference through a monthly donation of only $50. CHILD International will combine a monthly donation from 12 donors to sponsor a family in need.

    This group of 12 donors provide a total of $600 per month for the families, which will be used according to the specific needs of each sponsored family. In addition to our monthly donation program for funding, CHILD International helps sponsored families through a variety of other means including but not limited to the following:

    • Tutoring services
    • Books and school supplies
    • Special needs identified by the social worker and approved by CHILD International
    • Career guidance and resume assistance
    • Access to affordable housing and healthcare



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