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PLEASE READ this touching message from SHAGHAYEGH…


“Frankly, I do not know how I would become who I am today without your generous help. Two summers ago, I was homeless and with your generous helps I have become a competitive, young, global scholar. I do not know how to thank you, but I really want you to know that if it was not for you, I would most likely be a high school student who did not plan for her future, rather worried about it. You have shown me that in this strange land I do have someone who has my back and encouraging me to be a better version of me and caring for me like a family. Thanks for making my dreams a reality and I promise to meet and exceed your expectations.
Best & Love. Shaghayegh.”

Shaghayegh’s background:

Shaghayegh was referred to CHILD by Pars Equality Center. She and her mother were homeless and living in the car. CHILD International arranged a fundraising event to raise funds so we could get them an apartment. Shaghayegh become a monthly recipient of our Adopt-a-Family program and still is receiving financial assistance for her rent. During high school years, Shaghayegh also received financial help from Noushin Scholarship program to cover charges for SAT courses as well as college applications. In 2018, Shaghayegh was able to obtain her high school diploma and started applying to top universities. Months later, she received an acceptance letter from UC Berkeley, UCLA and Scripps College with full scholarships and decided to pursue her law degree at Scripps College, which is rated among top twenty most elite colleges in United States.